Despite geopolitical uncertainty and a slowdown in the economic cycle, the value of investment transactions in commercial real estate markets increased by 18% year-on-year, to a record level of USD 1.8 trillion (USD 1.5 trillion in 2017) – due to Annual report from the international consultancy company Cushman & Wakefield. Next year, the transaction volume may increase by another 2%.

The “Winning in Growth cities” report contains an analysis of the investment activity and the ranking of the most attractive cities in terms of real estate Investment.

For an 18 percent increase in the volume of investment transactions is primarily the asia, which is an important source of incoming capital and an important target for Investors. This region was 52% of global investment activity and the share of Asian buyers in the total foreign investment volume was 45%.

There is still a strong interest in property investors in global markets and with a diverse risk profile. Many even increase the scale of investment in real estate and modify investment strategies taking into account the variability of supply and acceptable risk level. These are the key factors from which further growth will depend. Given the current market situation, we anticipate that the transaction volume can be increased by 2% next year. This increase is likely to be due primarily to greater investment activity on a global basis, but investors should closely monitor structural changes in the rental market, which can be both an opportunity and a challenge, says Carlo Barel di Sant’Albano, manager of Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Capital Markets Department.

New York is still the largest real estate market in the world, ahead of Los Angeles and London and paris, which took fourth place before Hong Kong. London still enjoys unwavering interest among foreign investors, and New York has fallen from another sixth-place ranking due to its high price, strong dollar and very high local demand.

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