On Friday the European Union signed an agreement with Albania on cooperation with the EU Border Protection Agency Frontex. It will allow the agency to intervene, Inter alia, in combating illegal migration into the territory of albania, subject to obtaining approval from that Balkan country. The agreement was signed on behalf of the European Union by Herbert Kickla, Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria (vienna is currently the EU presidency), Commissioner for Migration and home affairs, Dimitris Awramopulosa, and-on behalf of albania- By the interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaja. EU leaders without an agreement on Frontex. “there is a fundamental consensus ” Union leaders… Read more»-the Challenges of migration and security do not end at our external borders. Our actions should also not. europe, which protects, is a Europe that cooperates with partner countries in and outside the neighbourhood, declared Awramopulos. -today’s agreement with Albania-the first such agreement with a third country-is a milestone in external EU cooperation in the area of border Management. I hope that pave the way for broader cooperation with the whole Western Balkans region-he Added.

The agreement is to allow the European border and Coast Guard agency (Frontex) to dig deeper operational cooperation between EU Member States and ALBANIA. Frontex will be able, Inter alia, to intervene in the territory of albania, subject to the approval of that country. The agreement is intended to support the fight against illegal migration and Cross-border Crime. For each operation, the European border and Coast Guard agency and Albania must agree on its Plan.

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